Country: Ireland



UCD Energy Institute is the hub of energy education, research, demonstration and outreach at University College Dublin. Interdisciplinary cooperation, collaboration and creation brings together all our members with a clear focus on integrating and decarbonizing our energy system and accelerating technological innovation as we transition to a net zero-carbon world.

In cooperation with Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), the Integrated Energy Lab was created as a fully integrated whole energy systems lab providing a facility for industry, academia, SMEs, Government and other international laboratories and collaborators to test new energy technologies, strategies and processes which bring together electricity, gas, thermal, communication and IoT and data into one place. The Integrated Energy Lab breaks down traditional barriers between the various networks to test new solutions for a more interconnected and integrated energy system.


Main research areas include:

  • System Performance and Reliability Evaluation
  • Model Validation and Optimization
  • Technology Integration and Interoperability Assessment
  • Advanced Communications Requirements
  • Load Management and System Control Considerations
  • Enhanced Building Efficiency Analysis
  • Thermo-Physical Characterisation of Materials
  • Thermal Storage Performance Analysis
  • Renewable Electricity Production and Gas Synergies
  • Performance Analysis of Electrolysers and Fuel cells and integration electrical network
  • Prototype Refinement and pre-field trial performance analysis



  • Real time simulation with hardware in loop capability


The Integrated Energy Lab is an essential element of UCD Sustainable Living Lab initiative whereby UCD campus, the largest urban campus in Europe, is a living laboratory for sustainability that incorporates renewable generation, control and optimisation of building energy systems, implementation of low energy, environmental and cost assessment of technologies, application of data analytics and machine learning techniques and building energy flexibility assessment for demand response programmes.


In association with:

University College Dublin Energy Institute (UCD)