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Description: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) is the largest Spanish technical university with more than 3000 faculty members and has a strong commitment to R&D and Innovation. UPM’s researchers publish a yearly average of 1.200 journal papers, 2.000 conference communications, and 200 PhD theses. The IES is a UPM Research Institute devoted exclusively to photovoltaic research, created in 1979. It carries out R&D into photovoltaic fundamentals, solar cells, concentrators and system issues.




Indoor and outdoor characterization of concentrator modules

Description: Indoor and outdoor characterization of concentrator modules and cells. IES-UPM facilities for CPV testing consist of: 1) Spectrum controlled solar simulator for indoor characterization of CPV modules. This is the first CPV solar simulator in the world which was conceived, manufactured and installed at IES-UPM in 2005. The equipment is able to determine IV curve characteristic of CPV modules, providing variable irradiance from 100 to 1100 W/m2, controlled spectrum (particularly standard AM1.5D), and collimated light beam similar to the angular size of the sun. 2) Outdoor testing facility for CPV modules, which includes a two axis tracker and necessary instrumentation for instant and long term outdoor characterization of CPV modules and energy production studies, and a meteorological data station including direct irradiation and sun spectrum acquisition.

last updated:02.09.2016

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