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Description: The Institute of Energy Systems, Energy Efficiency and Energy Economics (ie3) is one of the leading German higher education institutes in the field of energy systems, energy efficiency and energy economy. The institute has its focus on electrical networks. Researches and studies solve technical and economic problems for a reliable and sustainable electricity system of the future.
As part of the Technical University of Dortmund, the institute receives public funding and has established cooperation with industry partners like RWE, Innogy, Amprion, Westnetz and PSI. The laboratory facility (Smart Grid Technology Lab) has a flexible low voltage network equipped with the latest smart grid technologies such as transformers with on-load tap changers, PV converters, a redox flow battery storage, a large dynamic and programmable load, electric vehicles, etc. The laboratory has an extensive Hardware-in-the-Loop possibility and power up to 160 kW is available.
Visit the website of the SmartGridTecLab here.


last updated: 15.11.2017

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