Country: Spain

National and reference institution on the research of hydrogen technologies in Spain, with 13 laboratories specialized in all the research chain of hydrogen, electrolyzer and fuel cells. Facilities equipment > 10 M€.

Microgrids Laboratory

The Microgrids laboratory is specialized in rapid control prototyping of whatever microgrids application with fully accesibiity to all the control layers of the microgrid from energy management system to power electronics. Advanced Model Predictive Control (Distributed, Stochastic and Hybrid MPC developed in the Mixed Logic Dynamic Framework) tools that include mínimum degradation criteria in the energy storage systems, interconnection of microgrids, integration of vehicles in the microgrid, resilence in microgrids, flexibility services in cooperative microgrids. Published book: Model Predictive Control of Microgrids (Springer, 2020)

Static Equipment:
Microgrids laboratory with a PV 100 kW, electric energy storage systems: Li-Ion Batteries, Hydrogen and Ultracapacitor, heat ESS in PCM, cool ESS in PCM, geothermal instalation, Real Time Digital P-HIL grid and wind turbine emulators based on OPAL RT, Hydrogen Refuelling Station, Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles. Fully Access to the microgrid control for power electronics and energy management system. Advanced Model Predictive Control tools for microgrids

Mobile Equipment:
Power Quality Testing, Grid Emulators, PV emulator, Electronic Loads, Fuel Cell vehicles

Simulation/Optimization tools:
Tomlab, Simpower

Standards compliance:
EN 50160

Testing services:
Control Algorithms for EMS and power electronics

Spanish National Centre on Hydrogen