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Description: SEER, the research center on Renewable Electrical Energy Systems at the Technical University of Catalonia – BarcelonaTech, develops leading edge research projects at the international excellence level with the aim of making real today the electrical networks of the future. In cooperation with both international companies and institutions SEER conducts multi-disciplinary research activities focused on:

  • Power generation based on renewable energies, mainly wind and solar
  • Grid integration of distributed generation systems
  • Exploitation of energy storage systems in electrical networks
  • Active, flexible and intelligent electrical networks
  • Power quality and energy efficiency improvement and Advanced control of electrical systems


Grid Connection and Microgrid Lab

Description: As a research center devoted to grid connection and integration of different enerdy sources we count on a specific Lab with a 200kW installed power where we can test equipments up to an aggregated power of 1MW. In this facility we can concentrate on the analysis of grid connection issues of specific devices reproducing all kind of network conditions, from sag generation, island, different loading conditions, introduction of harmonic distortions, frequency variations as well as to test distributed control systems devoted to control microgrids. The operation and monitoring of the whole infraestructure is centralized in a local SCADA, counting on historical recording of data from the analysis as well as fast transient measurements performed by power analyzers. This infrastructure is ofently used for certifiation and pre-certification, in this regard we count on agreements with certification companies and we provide also support to the customers for enhancing their solutions in such a way that they are able to comply with the standards.
Mobile Equipment
Schneider ION 7650 Portable Suitcase

Description: The PowerLogic® ION7650/7550 power and energy meter can be integrated with our PowerLogic® ION EEM software for a complete enterprise energy management solution, or you can unlock all its advanced features with PowerLogic® ION Enterprise power management software. Use it right out of the box, or customize the meter to fit your unique requirements right from your workstation, without any hard-wiring. Just graphically link a few drag-and-drop icons, or select default setups.
Schneider PM 8000 Suitcase

Description: The PowerLogic PM8000 series meters are compact,cost-effective multifunction power meters that will help you ensure the reliability and efficiency of your power-critical facility. Reveal and understand complex power quality conditions. Measure, understand, and act on insightful data gathered from your entire power system. Designed for key metering points throughout your energy infrastructure, the PowerLogic PM8000 series meter has the versatility to perform nearly any job you need a meter to do.
Yokogawa PX8000 Precision Power Scope

Description: The PX8000 is the world’s first precision power scope, bringing oscilloscope-style time-based measurement to the world of power measurement. It can capture voltage and current waveforms precisely, opening up applications and solutions for a huge variety of emerging power measurement problems.

PV and Wind Power Lab

Description: The dynamic of generation systems based on PV and Wind Power is highly influenced by the performance of the main resource. At SEER Research Center we count on devoted equipment for testing the gird connection capabilities of both technologies. Considering PV systems our Center counts on PV emuation systems up to 30kW, able to track whatever curve, as well as to reproduce any kind of scenario at the AC side. Likewise, for wind power system we count on test-benches that emulate the behaviour of the wind and the influence of the inertia, for testing full converter or DFIG based wind power systems. In our headquarters we count also on a self consumption PV plant, in the range of 30kW, that is equipped and monitored for research purposes.
Mobile Equipment
Regatron 32KW DC-Source

Yokogawa WT 1600 Digital Power Meter

Description: The WT1600 is power meter designed for measurement of extremely small currents in energy-saving equipment, as well as measurement of large currents for evaluating large-sized loads. The WT1600 works with voltages ranging from 1.5 V up to 1000 V, supporting a wide range of applications. Because it can accept signal inputs for up to six phases, a signal WT1600 unit can measure I/O signals on inverters.

Real Time Simulation Lab

Description: In the field of distributed generation the continuous evolution of the grid codes forces to change the control algorithms in order to comply with the different standards. Normally these changes does not imply changes in the hardware of generation devices at all, so devoted facilities focused on Real Time Simulation are essential to test and validated new control features, contributing thus to shorten the time-to-market of new solutions in an extremelly competitive sector. In SEER we count on advanced Real Time Simulation faciliites, counting on several Typhoon HIL systems, OPAL-RT simulators and dSpace test benches specially equipped to interface with real hardware and controllers, in such a way that new developements could be verified and launched fast to the market.

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Research Center on Renewable Electrical Energy Systems (SEER)