Country: India

Powergrid Advanced Research & Technology Centre (PARTeC) is the research wing of Powergrid Corporation of India Ltd., the central transmission utility of India & a government of India Enterprise. It has state of the art, integrated laboratories for research & studies on power systems. These laboratories especially focus on areas such as IEC 61850 process bus based full digital substation, hardware in loop studies with real time simulation, wide area monitoring, protection & analytics. It also has test equipment & diagonistics infrastructure for transformer oil and failure analysis of hardware materials used in transmission system.

Protection Automation & Control Laboratory

The lab, which is in operation since August 2018, has the tools to carry out conformance testing of IEC 61580 devices as per latest edition of the standard. Special focus is on design & engineering studies of digital substations, IEC 61850 interoperability studies. It is equipped with advanced network analyzers & tools for specialized studies in digital substations,
cyberSscurity studies in IEC 61850 environemnt, vulnerability assessment and audit of IEC 61850 systems. The lab also offers specialized hands on trainings on IEC 61850 standard & digital substation to protection engineers.

Static Equipment
  • Panels housing intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) meant for control, protection & automation of power systems,
  • Advanced ethernet local area network with precision time protocol compliant switches, for digital substation studies
Simulation/Optimisation Tools
  • Protocol analyzers
  • IEC 61850 conformance testing tool,
  • Omicron’s relay test kits,
  • Omicron’s daneo kit (hybrid network analyzer),
  • IEC 61850 compliant HMI from Siemens,
  • Kalkitech’s SCL manager,
  • Omicron’s station scout tool for IEC 61850 based digital substation communication visualization & diagnostics
Standards compliance
  • IEC 61850,
  • IEC 62439
Quality Management/Testing Protocols
  • ISO 9001
Testing Services
  • IEC 61850 conformance testing,
  • parallel redundancy protocol testing,
  • IEC 61850 interoperability testing

Real Time Simulation Laboratory

The laboratory carries out hardware in loop studies for complex power system scenarios, dynamic testing of protection devices used in power systems. It is in operation since August 2018 and is equiped with 13 RTDS racks that can simulate 2340 power system nodes. The lab also carries out renewable integration studies for the power systems. It also has statcom controllers from different manufacturers & replica of HVDC controllers for HVDC lines in india power system.

Static Equipment
  • 13 racks of RTDS make real time simulators,
  • statcom controllers of Siemens & Hyosung make,
  • Replica of HVDC controllers of ABB & Siemens make
Simulation/Optimisation Tools
  • RTDS,
  • PSS-E,
Quality Management/Testing Protocols
  • ISO 9001
Testing Services
  • Dynamic testing of protection devices used in power transmission system,
  • Hardware in loop studies for power system protection & control,
  • Renewable integration studies
Powergrid Advanced Research & Technology Centre (PARTeC)