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Description: The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), one of the largest public research organizations in Japan, focuses on the creation and practical realization of technologies useful to Japanese industry and society, and on “bridging” the gap between innovative technological seeds and commercialization. For this, AIST is organized into 5 departments and 2 centers that bring together core technologies to exert its comprehensive strength. AIST, as a core and pioneering existence of the national innovation system, has about 2000 researchers doing research and development at 10 research bases across the country, based on the national strategies formulated with the changing environment involving innovation in mind.


Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute, AIST (FREA)
Description: The Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute, AIST (FREA) was established in April 2014 as the newest research center of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in line with the government’s “Basic Guidelines for Reconstruction in response to the Great East Japan Earthquake” (July 2011).
FREA works with researchers from home and abroad to carry out its missions:

  1. To promote renewable energy research and development open to the world, and
  2. To contribute to the restoration of disaster areas through the clustering of new industries.

FREA conducts research and development of a wide range of technologies required for the large-scale deployment of renewable energy in collaboration with local companies and universities, and also provides training for young scientists to ensure future human resources.
We will continue to work in collaboration with our partners and do our best towards the restoration of disaster areas and the transfer of new technologies to the world.

Our renewable energy demonstration field includes:

  1. Energy Control Building
  2. Hydrogen Energy Carrier Demonstration Building
  3. Pure Hydrogen Experiment Building
  4. Photovoltaic Power System Demonstration Field
  5. Wind Power Generation System
  6. Ammonia Direct Combustion Gas Turbine Demonstration Facility
Static Equipment
Renewable Energy Demonstration Field

Description: Includes a Photovoltaic system (500kW) , Wind power system (300kW) , Energy storage system (Battery, Hydrogen, chemical etc.) as well as a smart inverter demonstration field: Distribution line with 10 smart inverters.
Power Electronics Test Facility (DER-demostration platform)

Description: Includes grid simulator (500kW), PV and Battery Simulator (500kW) with 300kW load bank and advanced co-generation engine
Hydrogen Energy Carrier production and utilization Demonstration Field

Description: High-efficient production of hydrogen energy carriers (e.g. organic chemical hydride, ammonia, formic acid)
EV Demonstration Field

Description: Electric vehicle charging station and demonstration load facility

Smart System Research Facility (FREA-G)
Description: World-class facilities capable of conducting the most advanced research and development, as well as divers tests and evaluations, with a view to making intelligent use of DER systems including large-scale inverters.
Our new Smart System Research facility has capability to supply up to 5MVA, one of the largest AC grid simulator to test power electronics. The national facility that can conduct integrated megawatt-scale research and development of the components, system and strategies required to safely and efficiently penetrate DER onto the gird. Especially, both software in the loop (SIL) and power hardware in the loop (PHIL) with RTDS are implemented in this facility. We aim to test interoperability of power electronics such as smart inverter, smart meter and system.
The laboratory is in operation since 2016 an covers a power range of up to 5MVA.

Static Equipment
Grid simulator

Description: 5MVA
PV simulator

Description: 3MW
LRC load bank

Description: 3MW
Environmental chamber

Description: Large-size environmental chamber with power resource ( -40 to +80°C, 30 to 90%RH)
Radiowave Darkroom

Description: W34m x D34m x H7.8, with power resource
Grid testing

Description: Three grid connection test room with power resource
Grid line impedance simulator

Description: 7km

Description: PHIL testing with RTDS

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National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)