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Description: Narec has invested over £150 million to create UK’s national translational research centre for accelerating the deployment of offshore renewable energy technologies. Our multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers operate some of Europe’s largest translational research, development and testing facilities for offshore wind, wave, tidal and electrical network technologies. Clients and collaborators include: project developers, utilities, major manufacturers, universities, research organisations and supply chain companies. We play an important role in supporting delivery of the government’s policy objectives and in attracting and anchoring internationally mobile investment to the UK.



Chemical and Materials Analysis

Description: Specilialising in HV insulation syustem development, but including the following capabilities: Combined stress accelerated ageing endurance HALT – testing – humidity – thermal – electrical – vibration
Static Equipment
Phoenix 200kV AC Transformer

Description: High voltage step-up transformer used for testing the largest items of equipment up to and beyond rated voltage.
Leeds Transformers 8000A High Current Transformer

Description: This high-current test rig produces continuous current to simulate full-load conditions on equipment. Capable of thermal short circuit testing on cable joints and accessories.
Weiss Technik Environmental Chamber

Description: Combined stress accelerated ageing (humidity/thermal/electrical)
Mobile Equipment
Acoustic profiler Bruel & Kjaer

Description: Acoustic profiler Noise measurement to class 1 accuracy. Noise measurement of wind turbines in accordance with IEC 61400-11, but can also be used for other noise measurement purposes i.e. environmental, occupational etc.
Ductor Circuit resistivity measurement

Description: Circuit resistivity measurement, up to 200V

Description: Industries such as aerospace, automotive, metal fabrication and tool & die manufacturing use the FaroArm for dimensional analysis and quality control in diverse applications such as machine alignment, rapid prototyping, first article inspection, part verification and reverse engineering. CAD based inspections, dimensional analysis, reverse engineering, alignment, machine calibration, tool building and setup.
FARO Scene laser scanner Focus3D

Description: The FARO Focus3D is a high-speed Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS) offering the most efficient method for 3D measurement and 3D image documentation. In only a few minutes, this 3D laser scanner produces dense point clouds containing millions of points that provide incredibly detailed 3D colour images of large scale geometries. Multiple scans from different positions can then be automatically placed to create a cohesive point cloud, resembling an exact measureable copy of even the most complex and large structures.
Fluke Thermal Imaging Camera

Description: Thermal Imaging Camera used to take thermal images.
Megger HV Insulation system tester

Description: Megger Insulation tester, up to 5kV
Phoenix LVTS 30-3000 heat cycling system

Description: Induction rig, 415V single phase supply, auto control enabled. Removable yoke.
Phoenix HV DC Tet Set

Description: 75kV Dielectric Tet Set
Various high current High current transformers

Description: We havbe a number of high current mobile transformers that work with variacs, 3 phase or single phase.
Various high voltage HV test equipment

Description: We have a number of mobile HV transformers, rated up to 75kV AC.
Vaux Oil filtration/ processing – trailor mounted

Description: Mobile oil filtration plant for insulating oil.

EnergyLINK Low Voltage Laboratory

Description: The Energy Link Laboratory is a specialist development and demonstration facility focussed on providing testing, analysis and demonstration services to the micro to medium scale power generation techn

Invertor certification laboratory

Description: Invertor test facililty. Over/under frequency and voltage Loss of mains protection Harmonic emissions , and flicker to BS EN 61000-3-2/3 Over current protection to BS7671 Power factor range Short circuit contribution DC injection Environmental testing Wiring regulation compliance
Mobile Equipment
National Instruments CompactDAQ Portable DAQ Chassis

Description: General data acquisition, voltage and current measurement. Digital I/O. Works with LabVIEW software
Pacific power supply 360 – A – MX

Description: 6kVA, 1 or 3Phase, 270V, 16A per phase (3ph), 48A (single ph)

Power Systems Analysis

Description: Our technical staff have a wide range of experience of power systems analysis, having carried out investigations and reporting upon a large number of transmission / distribution network schemes.
Static Equipment
Hipotronics 1MV DC Generator

Description: Two series-connected modules enable the generation of very high DC voltages.
250kV AC Transformer

Description: Step-up transformer used for testing of distribution equipment up to and beyond its rated voltage.
Vishay-Mann 300kV Precision Resistor

Description: This is the national reference standard resistor for the accurate measurement of direct voltage.
ABB 400kV Impulse Generator

Description: This generator is used to simulate the effects of lightning strikes on electrical distribution equipment.
6000A High Current Transformer

Description: This high-current test rig produces continuous current to simulate full-load conditions on equipment.
Bushing Co. Capacitance Divider

Description: Used for measuring of AC voltages.

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