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Description: Lodz University of Technology is one of the biggest universities in Poland with approximately 20,000 students and about 1,550 academic staff members. The University consists of 10 Faculties, which then are divided into departments and institutes. The main research activity of the Institute of Electrical Power Engineering encompasses distributed generation (including renewables) and its integration with electrical power grid, quality of supply, microgrids, optimisation of network and power plant operation, electricity markets, power system modelling and simulation as well as optimisation of lighting networks and devices.


Laboratory of Distributed Power Generation

  • The 50 kWh TPPL battery storage pack was connected to the DC network and ABB PCS100 converter.
  • The Capstone C30 gained new batteries for standalone operation and new generator.
  • The microturbine recuperation system got heat storage tanks.
  • New active power filter M10 ABB and additional RTDS GTAI/GTAO cards.

Upgraded infrastructure increased the LDG functionalities.

Also, the testing platform was built using RTDS system for evaluation of control strategies and testing the operation of prosumer installations with storage systems.

Static Equipment

Description: Three phase power amplifier, connected to Real-Time Digital Simulator

PLC set-up
Description: For EES (ABB PC100) control algorithm testing

Emulator of EV+EVSE
Description: Uses storage inverter and batteries. Is equipped with IEC 61850 server and compliant with TR IEC 61850-90-8.

Electrical protection relays test lab
Description: Performance and reliability tests

Mobile Equipment

Kocos ARTES 2
Description: Signal generator for protection relay testing

High Voltage lab
Description: High Voltage laboratory equipped with HV Surge Generator; Design and construction of HV impulse generators; HV insulation tests

Static Equipment

Description: HV surge generator

Mobile Equipment
Haefely DDX 7000

Description: Partial discharge detector

Laboratory of Distributed Energy Resources
Description: Laboratory of Distributed Generation serves for testing the integration of distributed generation with the distribution power networks. The laboratory network is built based on the model of the distribution MV/LV network with a nominal power of 70 kVA. The main laboratory infrastructure equipment includes:

  • Energy storage devices (flywheel, supercapacitors and SMA lead-acid battery systems) ,
  • EV emulator (for V2G services),
  • stationary and sun-tracking PV panels,
  • Wind generators,
  • PEM fuel cell system,
  • Gas microturbine system and
  • Controllable loads.

The whole infrastructure is managed utilizing SCADA system. Additionally, the Laboratory of Distributed Energy Resources is equipped with: Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS) connected to EmTest Netwave multifunctional 60 kVA 3-phase AC/DC source with power recovery module, the four-leg DSTATCOM compensator, active power filter and Fluke 1760 power quality analyzers.
Technical specifications (PDF)

Static Equipment
SOCOMEC Green Power 2.0 UPS

Description: Green Power 2.0 uninterruptible power supply system of rated power 160 kVA connected to the Vycon Flywheel and AGM batteries

Capstone C30 MicroTurbine System
Description: Microturbine

Main switchboard
Description: Laborartory switching panel

MV/LV network model
Description: Grid model

EmTest Netwave 60kVA generator
Description: EmTest Netwave multifunctional 60 kVA 3-phase AC/DC source with power recovery module

Ballard Nexa
Description: Fuell cell

APS Pulstar
Description: Fuell cell grid interface system

RTDS Technologies Inc. Real Time Digital Power System Simulator
Description: The RTDS Simulator is conected to the EmTest Netwave multifunctional 60 kVA 3-phase AC/DC source with power recovery module

Solar-Fabrik AG SF200A
Description: Sun-tracking photovoltaic panels of total power 9.0 kWp. System is connected to LV network by means of three single-phase Sunny Boy SB 3300 inverters

SMA Sunny Boy SB 1700
Description: PV inverter

SMA Sunny Island SI4500-BWR
Description: Battery inverter

Description: Battery

Vycon Vycon VDC 350 kW
Description: The VYCON VDC flywheel energy storage systems

Lighting and electrical equipment test lab
Description: IEC 17025 Accreditation

Static Equipment

Description: Water chamber

Juwent Climatic Chamber
Description: Dimensions: 198 x 208 x 103 cm (entrance: 204 x 98 cm); Temperatures from +20 °C to + 150 °C;

Juwent Climatic Chamber
Description: Dimensions: 199x 180 x 100 cm (entrance: 204 x 98 cm); Temperatures from 0 °C to -25 °C;

Juwent Dust Chamber
Description: Dimensions: 100x 182 x 70 cm (entrance: 182 x 70 cm)

INTRA Water chamber
Description: Dimensions: 224 x 298 x 380 cm (entrance: 176 x 85 cm)

Network control systems lab
Description: BTC PRINS SCADA was implemented in the DER Laboratory in the Institute of Electrical Power Engineering at Lodz University of Technology in order to properly integrate, control and measure devices and network in the laboratory. The control can be accomplished from both dialogue computers designed for the SCADA system at the side of the Institute, and from anywhere in the world.

Mobile Equipment

National Instrument DASYLab
Description: Software for data acquisition and control system

National Instrument LabView
Description: Software for data acquisition and control system

United Electronic Industries Power DNA Cubes
Description: Hardware for Distributed Networked Automation

Power Quality lab
Description: Field testing using high class measurement equipment; Emission and immunity testing of LV electrical devices

Mobile Equipment

Bonneville Power Administration ATP-EMTP
Description: Power system analysis software (electromagnetic transients)

Fluke Corporation FLUKE 1760
Description: Power Quality Analyzer

HP HP 6813B
Description: AC Power Source/Analyzer

Description: PQ Analyzer

Description: PQ Analyzer

Manitoba HVDC Research Centre PSCAD/EMTDC
Description: Power system analysis software (electromagnetic transients in AC/DC network)

Siemens PTI PSS/E
Description: Power system analysis software

The MathWorks MATLAB (PSB) – Simulink
Description: Power system analysis software

Simulation lab
Description: Grid analysis tools: PSCAD EMTDC, RSCAD, MATLAB, LabView, DasyLab, PowerFactory, ATP-EMTP; PSCAD library of DERs and power electronics; Transient and steady-state simulation studies

Mobile Equipment
Description: Power system analysis software
Standards Compliance
  • IEC 61850 and IEC 61850-90-8
Quality Management
All laboratories are certified according to ISO9001:2008.
Testing Services
  • HIL tests of equipment, in particular protection relays
  • Interoperability evaluation of e-mobility systems (including V2G ancillary services testing)
  • Analysis of the operation of distributed networks with renewables and energy storage systems including:
    • impact of distributed energy sources on the power network
    • ancillary services providing by renewables and energy storages
    • impact of energy storage systems (including EV) on the supplying network
    • islanding operation of the network
  • Power quality tests
  • Małaczek, M.; Wasiak, I.; Mieński, R.:
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last updated: 30.10.2019

Lodz University of Technology, Institute of Electrical Power Engineering