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Flex Power Grid Laboratory (FPGLab)
Description: The Flex Power Grid Lab in Arnhem takes a unique position in the world because of the voltage and power range of 24 kV and 1 MVA together with a bandwidth of 2.4 kHz (for harmonic superposition). The laboratory is built around a fully programmable four-quadrant power electronics converter that can either create a grid with a customisable power quality level or represent a custom load. The laboratory has been designed to enable for example the circulation of power from the programmable source, through the device under test, back to the feeding grid. Additionally, various passive loads are available in the lab for easy connection.

FPGLab laboratory is not like any of the already existing KEMA laboratories, not in functionality, purpose nor organizational structure. The laboratory is owned, and run, by the independent foundation called the “Stichting EMVT Laboratorium”. KEMA has an exclusive 50% share in this foundation and the Dutch government the remaining 50%. KEMA will provide exclusive trans-national access to the Flex Power Grid Lab facility from its 50% share in this foundation through sub-contracting of the “Stichting EMVT Laboratorium” foundation.
The laboratory is in operation since 2008 and focuses on Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and Renewable Energy Systems (RES) integration for SmartGrids and power electronics development and testing for industrial high voltage (24kV) and power up to 1MVA, by offering a predefined “bad” grid or load.
Technical specifications (PDF)

The Flex Power Grid Lab added the following DC power supply configurations capable of bi-directional operation:

  • High Power (1.32 MW), High-voltage (2kV):
    • equipped with Solar Simulator to operate as PV-Emulator;
    • equipped with Battery Simulator to operate as Battery Storage (ESS)-Emulator.
  • High-power (200kVA), Low-voltage:
    • multiple (at least 6) configurations supported up to 750V; can be driven by a real-time simulator (SFP link) and as PV or ESS emulators.
  • A co-simulation – Power Wind Turbine test bench
Static Equipment

Grid simulator

Description: AC grid simulator with 1MVA.

PV/battery emulator

Description: DC PV/battery emulator with 1MW.

Battery tester

Description: 500kW Bitrode Battery tester.
Controllable loads

Description: The laboratory is equipped with flexible resistive (0.5MW), inductive (1MVAr) and capacitive (1MVAr) loads and a connection to the utility grid with off-load tap changer (400V…4kV) to provide maximum flexibility for R&D and testing.

Siemens EMVT converter

Description: Fully programmable 1MW 4 quadrant power electronics converter, 3.3kVrms, DC to 75 Hz, harmonics up to 2400 Hz, dips, unbalance, voltage and frequency variations, interruptions and overload 1.25p.u.(3s) a

Three-phase (plus neutral wire) power system

Description: Line-line voltages up to 3.3 kV (3 phases independently controllable)

Multiple transformer combinations

TriPhase converter

Mobile Equipment

Yokogawa WE7000

Description: Two units in fixed installation: 16ch. 1Ms/s 12bit + 4ch. 20Ms/s 12bit + 8ch. 100kS/s 16bit

Climatic chamber


Measurement equipment (voltage, current, power quality etc.)

Simulation/optimisation tools:

  • Power Factory
  • PS-CAD
  • MATLAB-Simulink
  • NI-LabView

Standards compliance: Several IEC/IEEE/UL standards
Quality Management: FPGLab is certified according to the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard and the DERri protocol.
SCADA Technologies and security/privacy regulations:

  • Many different vendor solutions are vailable in the lab
  • Most important communication standard in Netherlands: IEC61850
  • Most important communication protocols in Netherlands: IEC61850
  • Important equipment vendor for SCADA components in Netherlands: SIEMENS
  • Most important standardisation organisation in Netherlands: NEN/NEC
Recent Publications

Power Cybernetics – the future of validation
Smart Transmission and Distribution Networks 15th–16th September, 2016 Prague.

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