Country: United Kingdom

At Keele we’re committed to sustainability, root and branch. Since 1990, we’ve trebled our student population and significantly expanded our campus – whilst simultaneously decreasing our total CO2 emissions. And over the last six years, we’ve invested over £1.2m into carbon reduction – and will be investing more every year.

We’re proud to be one of the first UK universities to declare a ‘climate emergency’, as well as having ambitious targets to be carbon neutral by 2030.

We’re truly sector-leading in environmental education, and have world-leading research in environmental sustainability. With Keele having all the elements of a small town, our campus acts as a ‘living laboratory’ for groundbreaking projects.

Our commitment has meant that for the fourth consecutive year we have been placed among the Top 25 universities in the world for sustainability (UI Green Metric World Rankings, 2020).

SEND laboratory

The Keele University Smart Energy Network Demonstrator (SEND) – a European first since October 2019, is an at scale environment providing a platform that allows energy generation, distribution, storage, forecasting and energy balancing to be intelligently carried out across different energy sources using the Keele University campus as a genuine ‘living laboratory.’ The SEND will deliver better energy management, reduce reliance on fossil-fuel derived energy, significantly reducing energy waste and provide the opportunity to trial innovative ways of energy use and management.

We have the following technical capabilities:

  • Distributed Energy Management System
  • Digital Twin
  • Mindsphere IoT cloud
  • V2G, 6MW renewable, hydrogen production and mixing, smart meters/sensors/monitoring devices
  • appliance control
  • intelligent decision making
  • AI/ML research for smart energy
  • huge amount of real live data
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