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Description: The Institute was founded in 1946 as the LAS Institute of Energetics and Machine-Building. As a result of the reorganization of the recent years, 12 laboratories function at the Institute, and the Latvian Technological Centre was founded in 1993 embracing 32 firms, mainly connected with the scientific research areas of the Institute of Physical Energetics.



PMU Test Lab

Description: PMU Test Lab consist Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) laboratory facility for the development and test of innovative techniques and tools for analysis of transmission technologies and identification of the best technology solutions and implemented devices, as well as evaluation of its impact on power system under liberalized market conditions, including planed HVDC interconnections. – A phasor measurement unit (PMU) or synchrophasor is a device, which measures the electrical waves on an electricity grid. A phasor is a complex number that represents both the magnitude and phase angle of the sine waves found in electricity. Synchronization is complete by Global Positioning System (GPS). – A phasor data concentrator (PDC) receives and time-synchronizes phasor data from multiple phasor measurements units (PMU) to produce a real-time, time-aligned output data stream and drop defective data.
Static Equipment
ABB RES-521 Phasor Measurment Unit

Description: RES 521 terminals installed in critical nodes of power system enable increasing the transmission capacity without the need to invest it additional transmission lines. At the same time it improves the operational security of the power system.
Intel Server System R1000RP

Description: Server using for data storage(PDC)
NI 9225 Voltage AI module

Description: The NI 9225 C Series analog input module has a full measurement range of 300 Vrms.
– 600 Vrms channel-to channel isolation
– 50 kS/s/ch simultaneous inputs
– Built-in antialias filters
NI 9227 Current AI module

– 5 Arms measurement
– 50 kS/s/ch simultaneous inputs
– Buit-in antilias filters
– 250 Vrms channel-to-channel isolation
When used with NI 9225 high-voltage module, the NI 9227 current module can measure power and energy consumption for applications such as appliance. Can also look at quality factors such as noise, frequency, and harmonics
NI 9467 GPS Time synchronization module

Description: The NI 9467 C Series GPS synchronization module provides accurate time synchronization to NI CompactRIO systems, which is used for:
– Accurate data timestamping
– System clock setting
NI cRIO-9074 Chassis

– 2M gate, 8-slot FPGA chassis for custom I/O timing, control, and processing
– 400 MHz industrial real-time processor for control, data logging, and analysis
– Two 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet ports

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