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Description: INESC TEC is an Associate Laboratory with 35 years of experience in R&D and technology transfer, having as associates the University of Porto, INESC, the Polytechnic Institute of Porto, University of Minho and University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro. INESC TEC is a private non-profit research institution, dedicated to scientific research and technological development, technology transfer, advanced consulting and training, and pre-incubation of new technology-based companies. As an institution operating at the interface of the academic and business worlds, bringing closer together academia, companies, public administration, and society, INESC TEC typically applies the knowledge and results generated as part of its research in technology transfer projects, seeking value creation and immediate social relevance. Present in six sites in the cities of Porto, Braga and Vila Real, INESC TEC incorporates 13 R&D Centres, structured in four thematic domains – Computer Science, Industry and Innovation, Networked Intelligent Systems, and Power and Energy. INESC TEC hosts over 750 integrated researchers (about 350 PhDs), including staff researchers, researchers from Higher Education Institutions, grant holders and affiliated researchers. INESC TEC’s team also includes trainees, and technical and administrative support staff.

The Centre for Power and Energy Systems (CPES), framed within Power and Energy domain, is INESC TEC’s main actor in the areas of electrical energy. CPES employs around 100 collaborators, including around 30 PhD holders. It is internationally recognized for its expertise in problems relating to the integration of renewable energy in power systems, distributed generation and smart-grids, energy efficiency, gamification and ICT solutions development. Especially relevant for the tasks to be perform in the scope of this proposal, CPES has participated in Portuguese and EU in studies addressing innovative functionalities for multi-terminal HVDC grids, protection architectures in distribution grids, and specially in power systems studies in the topics of grid planning, resilience and operation, where CPES has accumulated a vast experience. The high level of expertise developed has allowed specialists at CPES to take on key roles in important EU projects as part of the successive framework programmes that led to notable scientific and technical advances with considerable impact on industry. This has led to contracts for development and consultancy with companies manufacturing equipment, generation, transmission and distribution companies, regulators, government agencies and investors in Europe, South America, the United States of America and Africa. CPES aims to leverage on its extensive experience in power system studies to capitalize and achieve significant advancements in the relatively recent domain of hybrid AC/DC power systems.



Smart Grids and Electric Vehicle Laboratory

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