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Description: The RTDS installation at TU Delft consists of 8 racks with 10 PB5 and 36 3PC cards, capable of simulating grids in 2 µs and 50 µs step size. Additionally the racks have analog/digital I/O, remote I/O, two GTNetx2, and one GTSync card. The RTDS Simulator allows to test protection and con-trols in real time, where an hour in the real world equals an hour in the simulator. Utilizing modular custom computing hardware and software, simulations performed encompass results from DC up to electromagnetic transients. Inherently, these results include information regarding the system load flow and transient stability, as well as that of harmonics and faster disturbances.


Real-time Digital Simulator Laboratory (RTDS)

Description: The major applications of the RTDS includes:

  • Equipment can be thoroughly test-driven and customized.
  • New power system network designs or upgrades can be evaluated and accurately tested.
  • Black box real-world equipment (e.g. closed-source controllers) can be tested and integrated in larger test scenarios without having a model.
  • Interoperability of multi-vendor installation can be validated.
  • Models and real implementations (products) of components can be compared.
  • Closed-loop testing of protective relays and control systems.
  • Studying general AC system operation including behaviour of generation and transmission systems.
  • Investigating dynamic power system equipment interaction.
  • Studying interaction between integrated AC/DC systems.
  • Integration and operation of distributed generation and renewables.
  • Investigation and testing of SMART Grid initiatives including wide area protection and control.
  • Testing of control system of converter based equipment.


last updated: 07.03.2017

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